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A Progressive Future for NH: Tea Time 1/21/23 – Update …

Today was a victory; we had the difficult conversation and practiced patience. We’ve found common ground. Hopefully, this preludes to a progressive and accessible future for the residents of New Hampshire. 

Now it’s time for me to decompress and recharge my batteries; thank sweet baby Jesus, it’s Saturday bitches!

Xoxo….gossip hoe (corny, I know but come on, I had to, lol) 

Till next time,


images of an email exchange with NH Representative Nikki McCarter

email from McCarter reads,

I will be there.  Thank you for extending the offer of your time and hospitality.  I look forward to productive discussion from both of our perspectives.

In peace, 

Nikki McCarter

second email from McCarter reads :

I logged into my House portal and do not see that there are any dates yet assigned to HB619 for the committee hearings as of yet.  I will continue to monitor the schedule and let you know when they update it.  I want to thank you both for opening up to me this morning.  As much as it started out with lots of elevated emotion, I left feeling that we attained some common ground.  We will all likely not see eye to eye on lots many things, but I think we all agreed that being a good human and love one another is the goal here.  

Again, thank you for the time you afforded me this morning.  I will be in touch when I can provide additional information.

Nikki McCarter 

images of an email exchange with NH Representative Nikki McCarter